Help find a lonely kitten, a loving family

Baby Kitty Rescue Committee

About us

Baby Kitty Rescue Committee is a 501(c)(3), non-profit initiative established with the mission to rescue and nurture newborn stray kittens. Founded with the aim to provide essential care for newborn orphaned felines in the Seattle, Washington area; our team of professionals in healthcare and beyond, offers these cuddly little fur babies the extensive care, medication and shelter they need to survive and grow. To complement the services of other local animal shelters, we primarily focus on the intake and care of neonatal orphans, preparing them to thrive in their forever homes.

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Community Partnership

We collaborate with other animal rescue & shelters in the Puget Sound region to focus on rescuing only the homeless newborn kittens.


We provide specialized neonatal care to the orphaned kittens until they grow from infants to more than 8-week old, adoptable kittens.

Furever Home

We also create socializing opportunities for these little ones to prepare them for a gentle transition to their furever homes.


Kitten Care & Medical Support

With your support, we can provide the best quality care for our kittens. This includes: medical expenses, kitten milk replacement (KMR) formula, kitten food, litter, and toys.

Shelter Housing & Supplies

Additionally, your generous support will help us keep our facilities up and running. This will ensure that we can provide a safe space for rescued kittens.

Operations & Equipment

Lastly, your donation can help us to purchase equipment and hire staff to continue improving our operations and ensuring that we can expand to help rescue more kittens.